With a good plantation in a good environment, we can produce good raw materials and make good products.

Our cultivation farms are far from urban area. There is not heavy industry and agriculture around the farms. Therefore, our products are free from pesticide, herbicide and other toxins. The water used for farming spirulina and chlorella is from the underground, the workers test the underground water several times per year to make sure the underground water is free from any pollution. We do the researches on the spirulina and chlorella in the cultivation ponds every date. The spirulina and chlorella are grown up healthy in the cultivation ponds, without the harmful unwanted algae. At the same time, we make weather observations in the farms, test the PH value and OD value on every ponds, and make the relevant track reconds. This method could help us to harvest the mature spirulina and chlorella in time.

King Dnarmsa have set up a effectual quality traceability system, from the cultivation of algae seeds, algae cultivation, harvest, washing, drying, packing, storage, transportation to the sale of the algae which makes sure that the products which we supply to you are with good quality.


The cultivation farms are mainly located in Hainan province. Hainan province is in the extreme south of China. The difference in temperature between the summer and the winter is small. The average temperature is high. The sunshine hour is 1780-2600 hours per year. The solar radiation is 4500-5800 megajoule per square meter. The annual precipitation is 1500-2500mm. The weather in Hainan province is very fit for the cultivation of spirulina and chlorella.